• Working with children with SEN
  • Autism
  • Attachment
  • The effects of social media
  • Developing nurturing environments
  •  Developing effective play
  • Managing behaviours positively
  • Child development
  • Depression in toddlers
  • Effective praise
  • Working with troubled families
  • ​Understanding how children's brain works
  • ​Organising the classroom to effectively manage children with autism

Training topics:

  • Special Needs Schools
  • Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Nurseries
  • Residential Settings
  • Foster and Adoption Settings
  • Police
  • Social Services

Training for:

'Carers who are aware of a child's emotional distress can effectively develop secure attachments with the child' (Gerhardt, 2004; Sunderland, 2007)

'It is essential that carers understand a child's distress to effectively help them feel safe' (Gerhardt, 2004, 2011; Sunderland, 2007)

'Nurseries/Schools' that understand the psychological principles of promoting calmness and emotional warmth can help a child feel happy, secure and safe' (Sunderland, 2007)

Due to the vast experience of working and teaching within a wide range of schools, nurture me is well positioned to offer a variety of training packages to schools.

The following is an outline of training that may be of interest:

  • Therapeutic nurturing
  • Developing therapeutic environments
  • A psychological understanding of child development
  • Attachment and its implications for practitioners
  • Developing self-esteem and resilience within settings
  • Applying psychological principles in everyday setting​s
  • Using Positive Psychology to enable children to flourish
  • Autism

For details or information contact nurture me from the 'contact us' page.